The Craft Gallery is a showroom/sales outlet for the products of Bhutanese artisans. The Craft Gallery promotes the marketing and development of all forms of Bhutanese handicrafts.

The finest samples of Bhutanese craftsmanship are available for purchase with the assurance of the highest standards of quality and authenticity. The gallery also promotes local artisans, encourages product development and provides guidance to Bhutanese artists to support development of skill.

The Craftsmanship


The art of weaving is one of the oldest crafts that have been practised for centuries. Weaving is an integral part of Bhutanese life and culture and the craft is widely practised throughout the country. Bhutanese textiles are woven from cotton, silk or wool in striped patterns - vertical for men and horizontal for women.


Carving is extensively practiced in the country to produce items such as printing blocks for religious texts, furniture, altars, slate images embellished on the many shrines and wooden masks featured during the annual religious festivals.


Bhutanese paintings is an ancient art that has been practiced for many generations. The master painters would never sign on their works and it is believed that the act of creating a religious painting earns great merit and should be done with a pure mind. Natural pigmented soils are used in Bhutanese paintings and it is commonly found in the country.

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